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What Is Swimming Pool Mastic?

Swimming pool mastic is also known as pool caulking or pool sealant and is a strong, durable, flexible, putty-like sealant that is used to fill or seal gaps between building materials or between your pool’s deck and the pool coping.

The primary purpose of pool mastic is to prevent water from leaking into the area between your pool shell and the pool’s deck and causing water damage. Swimming pool mastic also enhances the appearance of the pool area and prevents air and insects from getting inside and creating problems.

Several different types of swimming pool mastic are available, so when you need pool mastic repair or replacement, it’s best to consult professional pool technicians like Clear Choice Pool Care. Our company has the experience to professionally remove and replace the mastic joint to protect your investment. Call today to schedule a free estimate!

Side by side pictures of damaged pool mastic and new or repaired mastic to show the differences.

The Importance of Mastic Joint for Your Swimming Pool’s Health

  • Swimming pool mastic is a flexible joint between your pool’s deck and the pool coping.
  • Pool mastic’s ground movement adaptation is significant and allows it to adjust to the ever-shifting Texas ground, which will prevent cracks and damage.
  • Swimming pool mastic expands and contracts with temperature changes that affect your swimming pool, which means it’s always in the proper state to prevent damage.
  • Pool mastic is waterproof and can withstand various chemicals used for regular pool maintenance.
  • Proper pool mastic joint care can save you money by preventing costly damage and the need for expensive swimming pool repairs in the future.
  • Swimming pool mastic works with your pool’s coping and creates a solid seal between it and your pool’s deck, which keeps it dry.
    • For concrete decks, pool mastic prevents cracks from appearing.
    • For wooden decks, pool mastic prevents rot from setting in.

We are licensed with years of experience. That’s why we can keep your pool in tip-top shape.

Signs Your Swimming Pool Mastic Is Damaged

As time passes, swimming pool mastic can become chipped, cracked, or damaged from exposure to the sun, other environmental factors, and chemicals.

Some signs your swimming pool mastic is damaged and needs pool mastic repair or pool mastic replacement include:

  • pitting or chipping on your swimming pool’s deck or coping
  • loose or wobbling coping stones
  • gaps or cracks between your pool’s coping and the pool’s deck
  • water seepage in the space between your swimming pool’s deck and coping

Plano, McKinney, Frisco Pool Cleaning Service & RepairBenefits of Pool Mastic Repair

It’s best to repair your swimming pool’s mastic as soon as you notice any signs of pool mastic damage. Repairing your pool’s mastic provides several benefits, such as:

  • increased pool lifespan: Pool mastic repair prevents water damage to your pool’s deck and coping, which extends the life of your pool
  • improved pool safety: Pool mastic repair eliminates tripping hazards for swimmers caused by cracked or damaged mastic
  • enhanced pool area aesthetics: Pool mastic repair helps to improve the overall appearance of your pool area

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Our team will evaluate your swimming pool and work with you to decide which services best fit your lifestyle. We provide no-commitment estimates to take the pressure off of you. Our goal is to meet your pool needs in the best way possible to keep your swimming pool in good condition and safe for you, your family, and your friends.

When Is Pool Mastic Replacement Needed?

Generally, a swimming pool’s mastic needs to be replaced every few years; however, there are some signs that may indicate immediate action should be taken.

Replace Your Pool Deck Mastic When It Has Cracks

Cracks in your pool decking indicate that your swimming pool is having difficulties handling changes in weather and temperature. This means your swimming pool’s mastic is likely not expanding and contracting properly. These cracks often start as minor issues, but if the situation isn’t addressed quickly, they can become more severe and difficult to fix.

Tiles Falling Off Your Pool’s Wall Can Be a Sign to Replace Pool Tile Mastic

Tiles falling off your pool’s wall might be a sign the glue on the pool tiles has worn away, but it can also be a sign that your pool’s mastic is working too hard and needs to be replaced. This most commonly occurs after a period of extreme weather. You should always check your pool’s mastic if you’ve recently experienced severe weather conditions in your area.

Replace Pool Mastic When There Is Separation Between Your Pool’s Decking and Coping

Over time, separations may occur between your pool’s decking and coping. While these gaps may start small, they can quickly worsen if the problem isn’t addressed. Gaps between your pool’s decking and coping can be a sign your pool mastic isn’t adequately bonded to the concrete portions of your pool.

If you notice gaps between your pool’s decking and coping, call a professional pool repair company as soon as possible to prevent the issue from worsening.

Swimming Pool Mastic FAQs

Keep an Eye on the Condition of Your Pool’s Mastic with Regular Pool Maintenance and Pool Cleaning Services

The expert pool technicians at Clear Choice Pool Care can help you keep your pool in the best shape possible with a range of pool maintenance and regular pool cleaning services. Our knowledgeable pool technicians will not only keep your pool clean and your water healthy, but they also pay attention to the general conditions of your pool. They can identify potential issues so they can be dealt with as soon as possible.

Call Clear Choice Pool Care today if you need pool mastic repair or replacement. Reach us at 469-451-0222.