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Pool Coping Can Give Your Pool a Totally New Look

Anyone that has an inground pool made of concrete needs to consider the benefits of pool coping. This cap covers up the concrete that is used to wall the pool. This helps the concrete stay in place, and it also helps protect the sides of your pool. There are tons of options out there when you want your pool to look nice. While your pool needs this cap, you can use this as an opportunity to give your pool a unique accent. Here are some things to know about pool coping that can help individualize your pool.

What is Pool Coping?

Pool coping is simply the cover that is put on the top of the poured concrete that is used to hold the sides of your pool. This edge is put on top to protect you from the jagged concrete, plus it is there to protect the concrete from the elements. While it may not be a large part of your pool, it is a chance for you to set your pool apart from others. You can go simple and just have a rounded edge, or you can go as fancy as you want.

When people are inside the pool and holding on to the outside edge, the pool coping is what they are holding on to. This lets them rest for a moment when playing, and even helps them have grip when entering or exiting the pool. Those who walk around the outside edge of the pool often walk on the coping as well. This allows you to put a textured edge around the pool that prevents people from slipping on water.

What Pool Coping Options Are Out There?

There are tons of pool coping options available out there. Most of them are simple and require a short bit of time to install them. However, if you want something more extravagant, there are a lot of options like that as well. If you want your pool coping to match your deck, that is easy to do when the deck is being installed. The same holds true if you would rather have a contrasting color. That will draw the eye to the pool, and give your pool a sharp look.

The most common material used for pool coping is plaster. It allows you to have texture around the pool without it being painful to walk on or touch. Plus, you can make it nearly any color you want. Plaster is a great option for this since it is durable, even in the sun. You will simply need to replace your pool coping every 5-10 years, depending on how well you keep your pool maintained, and the weather that your pool gets exposed to.

The Shape of Your Pool Coping Makes a Difference

No matter which type of material you choose for your pool coping, you need to also keep shape in mind. You want something rounded. The point of putting pool coping up around the edge of your pool is for safety. The more rounded you go with the shape of your coping, the safer your pool is for people to use. Ideally, you want a rounded material all the way around the pool. This means that even outside corners are rounded, making them duller if anyone slips and falls on them. This can easily be done with plaster and tile. You can also have rounded pool coping put on when you opt to go with stones as your coping material.

What to Do When You Need to Replace Your Pool Coping?

After time, most pool coping material will begin to degrade. This is because the coping is up against either chlorine or salt, plus it is getting beat down on from the sun. This exposure causes most materials to crack or otherwise worsen over time. If you only have a small bit of your pool coping that needs to be repaired, it may be something that you can do on your own. However, you need to be sure you know what you are doing before you even try. If you do it wrong, it could damage your pool. This could leave it unusable until it can be professionally repaired.

For bigger areas, you need to hire professionals to come in and repair the section of pool coping with problems. If the area is about 50% of your pool, or more, then you may want to simply replace all of your pool coping at that time. This helps you get a safe pool, and a whole new look, at the same time. When sections of your pool coping breaks, you should also have professionals come in and replace the missing piece as soon as it happens. By leaving it open, you expose the cement underneath it to the weather. This could cause trouble with the pool, or it could cause damage to the cement that may require drastic repairs down the line. The longer the area is exposed, the weaker your pool becomes. This is not the type of repair you want to face.

Turn to Experienced Professionals for Pool Coping Repair or Replacement

When you need to have your pool coping repaired or replaced, it is vital that you turn to experienced professionals. Turning to the wrong people can result in a lot of wasted money and time. Plus, it can also lead to a pool that cannot be used any longer. Instead, make sure you turn to the professionals who know how to do the job right, the first time. Here at Clear Choice Pool Care & Maintenance, you know you will get the job done right. We stand behind every pool service we offer, and work hard to ensure every customer is totally satisfied with everything we do.

When you need help with your pool, turn to the professionals here at Clear Choice Pool Care & Maintenance. We can be reached by calling (214) 995-3556. Let us help you figure out which pool coping option will work best for your pool.