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Bucket Test- Confirm Your Pool is Leaking

Sometimes it can be hard to tell if you have a pool leak or if your water loss is caused by normal evaporation. While not guaranteed, a “Bucket Test” can help you determine if your water loss is from more than just evaporation.

Here is a step by step guide:

  • Add water to the pool until it’s at normal level
  • Fill a 5-gallon bucket until it is 1 inch from the top with pool water
  • Place the bucket on the first or second step of the pool so its immersed at about 5 inches
  • Using a marker or electrical tape, mark the water level on the inside and outside of the bucket.
  • Turn your pump back on and run for 24 hours. Ensure your autofill is off and there is no rain in the forecast.
  • After 24 hours, compare the level in the bucket to the level in the pool.

If the pool water on the outside of the bucket drops more than the water inside the bucket, the pool may have a leak.

If you have a leak, it can be costly to not repair the issue. Hundreds of gallons of water could be lost per day and the leak could become worse over time, potentially costing even more money to repair.

Leak Detection and Repair

Do you suspect your pool is losing water? If so, call the experts at Clear Choice Pool Care and Maintenance. We utilize the latest tools and methods to find the leak and fix the issue. Our team employs two methods to locate underground leaks – plumbing pressure tests and diving into the pool to inspect the structure. If we find a leak, we will provide estimates and recommendations for repair.