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Timers and Controls

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Timers and Controls

Your pool’s equipment is connected to time clocks and controls. They dictate when and how pool equipment is turned on and off!

The most common issues with pool timers and controls are as follows:

  • Pool timer consistently displays the wrong time
  • Pool timer not automatically turning on/off pool equipment at scheduled time
  • Pool timer freeze protection not automatically turning pool on during a freeze
  • Some pool equipment randomly turning on/off
  • Unable to control pool with PDA or smart device

Timer and Control Repairs

If you suspect and issue with your pool controls, it is important to act fast to protect your pool equipment. Your pool needs to be turned on and circulate water every day. If the timers aren’t working, you could damage your equipment, or the pool could turn green. Our non-commissioned technicians are highly trained to diagnose and repair common pool control systems!