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Pool Repair

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Clear Choice Pool Care & Maintenance swimming pool repair service

Professional Pool Repair & Service

At Clear Choice Pool Care & Maintenance, we know that a clean, well-maintained pool lasts longer and performs better. Don’t stress about repairs and maintenance. Let us take care of your pool repair. Get a free, no-obligation quote. We’ve handled every type of repair in the book. Get a free quote. Call us today for pool repair and service and feel confident with our satisfaction guarantee.

  1. Mastic Removal & Replacement
  2. Pool Sweeps / Vacuums
  3. Green to Clean
  4. Salt Systems & Chlorinators
  5. Timers & Controls
  6. Pool & Spa Lights
  7. Pool Heater Repair & Replacement
  8. Pool Pumps
  9. Pool Filters

Non-commissioned Technicians

Our service & repair technicians are highly trained and experienced. We know pools. Our technicians are not paid on commission. Find out why that is important here.

  • Filter Repair & Installation
  • Pump Repair & Installation
  • Motor Repair & Installation
  • Heater Repair & Installation
  • Electronic & Manual Control Repairs & Installation
  • Automation Upgrades (Controlling pool functions with smart device)
  • Backwash Valve Repair & Installation
  • Chlorinator Repair & Installation
  • Salt System Repair & Installation
  • Pool Sweep Repair & Replacement
  • Pool Light Repairs
  • Valve Repair & Replacement
  • Equipment Relocation
  • Electrical Repairs
  • Above Ground Plumbing Repairs

Factory Trained & Licensed Technicians

Our repair technicians are factory trained and fully licensed to repair or replace any part of your pool’s equipment. We continually educate ourselves on the latest industry technology, repair methodology and safety to ensure our customers receive the highest quality service and recommendations possible. We are more than happy to repair old equipment when we believe it to be more financially sound than replacing. If the cost of repair, or the condition of the old equipment necessitates replacement, we will advise you accordingly and let you decide whether you would like to repair or replace.

*Please note that we DO NOT diagnose/repair underground leaks.

TICL 317450

We are licensed with years of experience. That’s why we can keep your pool in tip-top shape.

Pool Automation:

Experience the future of pool management by upgrading your control system so that you can control your pool’s functions from anywhere in the world.

Filter Cleaning:

Keep your pool water crystal clear with our thorough filter cleaning service. Our experts will ensure that your pool’s filter is clean so your system is promoting optimal water circulation and a healthier swimming environment.

Green Pool Cleaning:

Turn your pool from green to gleaming with our professional green pool cleaning service. Our team will tackle algae infestations and restore your pool’s water to its sparkling, inviting state.

Pool Drain and Refill:

When it’s time for a fresh start, rely on our pool drain and refill service. We’ll help you maintain balanced water chemistry and provide a rejuvenated foundation for a well-maintained pool.

One Time Pool Cleaning:

Enjoy a pristine pool without the commitment. Our one-time pool cleaning service ensures a thorough and comprehensive cleaning for special occasions or as needed.

Pool Filter Repair or Replacement:

Is your pool filter showing signs of wear? Our experts can diagnose and repair or replace your pool filter, ensuring optimal water clarity and circulation.

Pool Timer Repair or Replacement:

Keep your pool’s schedule in check with our pool timer repair and replacement service. Trust us to ensure your pool operations are running smoothly and efficiently.

Pool Light Repair or Replacement:

Illuminate your pool ambiance once again with our pool light repair or replacement service. We’ll bring back the magic of evening swims with fully functional pool lighting.

Pool Heater Repair or Replacement:

Don’t let a malfunctioning heater cool down your pool fun. Our pool heater repair or replacement service will ensure you’re enjoying your pool at the perfect temperature.

Pool Pump Repair or Replacement:

Maintain proper water circulation and filtration with our pool pump repair or replacement service. Count on us to keep your pool system running smoothly.

Salt System Repair or Replacement:

Experience the benefits of a saltwater pool without interruption. Our salt system repair or replacement service guarantees your pool’s salinity is sanitizing your pool for a refreshing swim.

Pool Plumbing Repair:

Address leaks and plumbing issues promptly with our pool plumbing repair service. We’ll restore your pool’s water flow and fix leaks that are needlessly wasting water.

Pool Valve Repair or Replacement:

Ensure optimal control over your pool’s water flow with our pool valve repair or replacement service.

Pool Autofill Repair or Replacement:

Maintain consistent water levels effortlessly with our pool auto fill repair or replacement service. Say goodbye to manual water adjustments and hello to worry-free pool care.

Automatic Pool Cleaner Repair and Replacement:

Let our experts handle the maintenance of your automatic pool cleaner. Our repair and replacement service ensures efficient and hassle-free pool cleaning automation.