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Pool Sweeping and Other Cleaning Methods for Keeping a Clean Pool

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Pool sweeping is one of the regular maintenance requirements of owning a swimming pool. However, many pool owners don’t fully understand the importance of frequent cleanings. It can also be a challenge to master the best cleaning practices. Unfortunately, people get busy and it’s not uncommon for swimming pools to get neglected.

At Clear Choice Pool Care & Maintenance we understand the challenges of swimming pool ownership. We want to help every pool owner learn the basics about keeping their swimming pool clean and safe. Sometimes, there just aren’t enough hours in the day. For pool owners who have limited free time, we also offer weekly pool cleaning and maintenance services. This allows you to use your limited free time to enjoy your swimming pool, rather than cleaning it.

The Importance of Pool Sweeping and other Cleaning Methods

Every pool needs a variety of chemicals in order to sanitize the water. However, adding chlorine to your pool just isn’t enough to keep it clean. It’s also important to scrub your pool the same way you scrub your shower or bathtub. The soap and chemicals used to clean our bodies, and our swimming pools, leave residue over time. This is why scrubbing your pool and the surrounding area is also important. Not to mention that chlorine and other chemicals won’t keep bugs and debris out of your water.

A regular, thorough cleaning will help ensure the walls and bottom of your pool are clean. It’s also important to clean the area surrounding your swimming pool. The first step is to have all the necessary tools. Proper pool cleaning is easier and quicker with the right cleaning tools.

A telescopic pole is a long pole that can be extended to various lengths. This is an important and versatile tool. For most pools, an eight foot pole that extends up to sixteen feet is perfect. It should allow you to clean the walls and floor with ease. The great thing about telescopic poles is that they can be used in conjunction with nets, brushes, vacuum heads, and anything else you’ll need to clean your pool.

Other Pool Sweeping and Cleaning Equipment

Next on the list of must-have pool cleaning tools is a skimmer net. This is the second most used item in your equipment arsenal, second only to the telescopic pole. The skimmer net gives you the ability to scoop debris out of the water. These can be things such as leaves, twigs, bugs, and much more.

There are two basic types of skimmer nets: a bag skimmer or a flat skimmer. Bag skimmers typically hold more debris; however, they can be difficult to empty without getting your hands dirty. A flat skimmer holds less but is much easier to empty. You’ll also want to ensure you have a good quality skimmer net. Cheap nets often break and need frequent replacing. A heavy duty net may cost more initially but it will last much longer. Skim your water daily to prevent debris from settling on the bottom of your pool.

A pool brush is the next important piece of equipment. This too can attach to your telescopic pole. A pool brush allows you to scrub the walls and the floor of your pool. Scrubbing is important for the removal of dirt and algae. The type of pool brush you’ll want to use depends on what type of swimming pool you have. Use stainless steel and nylon bristled brushes for unpainted concrete, stainless steel brushes for gunite, and nylon brushes for painted concrete, fiberglass, and vinyl pools.

As with nets, a better quality brush will last longer. Cheap brushes tend to degrade quickly due to the chemical exposure and heavy use requirements. You should brush the walls, ladders, sides, and corners of your pool at least twice a week. The brushing will loosen algae making it easier for chemicals such as chlorine to kill it, so make sure you hit every inch.

Vacuuming Your Pool

Once you’ve skimmed and swept your pool the next step is vacuuming. Use a vacuum head and long hose with your telescopic pole for the easiest results. Make sure the hose is long enough to reach every section of your swimming pool. It’s a good idea to vacuum your pool every other day for best results, unless something happens that warrants extra vacuuming.

Many people struggle with the task of vacuuming a pool, especially after a big storm or pool party when it may be dirtier than normal. This is why so many people choose to invest in a robotic vacuum. Robotic vacuums are self-contained units that clean your pool automatically. Unfortunately, most are rather expensive and quite small. If you decide to invest in a robotic vacuum then make sure you do your research and purchase a high-quality vacuum with a warranty.

Cleaning Around Your Pool

Once you’ve done all the pool skimming, pool sweeping, and pool vacuuming you can stand, it’s important to clean around the pool as well. You don’t want to go through all that work to have a strong breeze push leaves, dirt, and other debris right back in. At the very least you’ll want to spray or sweep the pool deck to remove visible debris. However, you should also disinfect the area from time to time.

Pool owners know how quickly algae and bacteria can take over their pool, this is also true for the pool deck. Algae and bacteria buildups can cause your pool deck to quickly become a slippery hazard. We recommend using an outdoor surface or deck cleaner to clean and sanitize your pool deck. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully based upon the surface material and the cleaning agent.

Keeping your swimming pool and the surrounding area clean is extremely important. It can also be quite work intensive. If you feel as though you aren’t able to dedicate the time and effort into making your swimming pool a safe and enjoyable space, then consider hiring someone to take care of the necessary regular maintenance. Clear Choice Pool Care & Maintenance has an expertly trained staff that can help you with your pool cleaning needs.

Call Clear Choice Pool Care & Maintenance at (214) 995-3556 for more information on how we can help you take care of pool cleaning and pool sweeping.

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