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Salt Systems and Chlorinators

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Salt Systems and Chlorinators

Salt Water Pool System & Chlorinators

Every pool needs a way to sanitize bacteria and the most common chemical used is chlorine! The two most popular methods of chlorinating a pool are via salt and chlorine tabs. Salt pools require a functioning salt system and chlorine tabs can sanitize the pool using a chlorinator.

The most common salt system issues are:

  • Consistent chlorine reading of zero
  • Inaccurate salt readings on display
  • Dirty salt cell
  • Malfunctioning salt cell or salt system control panel
  • Leaking at salt cell plumbing

The most common chlorinator issues are:

  • Leaking chlorinator at lid or plumbing
  • Chlorinator lid stuck
  • Consistent chlorine reading of zero
  • Chlorine tablets not dissolving

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Salt System and Chlorinator Repair

If you suspect an issue with your salt system or chlorinator, it is important to act quickly. A pool can turn cloudy and green without these systems working. Our non-commissioned technicians will be able to diagnose and recommend the next best steps, so your pool stays blue!

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