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Pool Tiles Can Easily Become Your Pool’s Focal Point

When you are setting up your pool, you need to pay special attention to your pool tiles. They are easily able to become the focal point of your pool. Take a bit of time when planning the setup of your pool. If you plan properly, you can have an area for a spa, a hot tub, and even a traditional pool. There are a lot of different types of pool tiles that you can choose from, so make sure you look around before ultimately deciding. If you are not sure what tiles to choose, then ask your pool tile installation experts here at Flower Mound Pool Care & Maintenance.

The Huge Variety of Pool Tiles You Have to Pick From

There are nearly as many types of pool tiles for you to choose from, as there pools out there. You can have different shades of blue, to give your water a deeper blue hue. There are also different colors that you can find with a wide variety of shades. This can make your pool look like it is different colors, including purple, green, grey, and more!

You also have the option of earth-tone pool tiles. This helps your pool blend into its surroundings. This can give your pool the appearance that it was there naturally, and gives you the ability to use a huge variety of colors around your pool. You can give your pool a single tone, such as blue or tan, or you can use a variety of colors mixed up. This can include blue, green, tan, gray, and yellows.

If you want something more you, then consider going with pool tiles that create a picture. You can have dolphins at the bottom of your pool, starfish on the sides, or even clouds that will reflect from the sky above. Your imagination is the only thing you need to consider when it comes to picture pool tiles. If you can think it, a professional installation company like us can help you make it.

What to Look for With Good Pool Tiles

When the time comes to pick out your pool tiles, it is important you know what type of tiles you want. With so many different varieties out there, it can be easy to buy the wrong kind. Ideally, you want us to help you with the purchase of your pool tiles. We know the right kind, plus we can usually buy them for less than the average consumer. However, that is not always how it works. If you come across a type of tile that would look absolutely perfect inside your pool, here are a few pointers to make sure you have the right ones.

First, you want to make sure that the pool tiles are meant for the pool. If they are not meant to be somewhere with constant water, this could be a problem. Second, you want them to have a lifetime warranty. The last thing you want is to have pool tiles installed, just to have to pay for them again if one chips or cracks at the bottom of your pool. Third, the pool tiles should also have a warranty against fading from their current color. Colorfast tiles are a necessary part of having them in a pool. You do not want dye coming off into the pool, or the sun fading the tiles from exposure.

What to Do If Your Pool Tiles Break

Unfortunately, there are going to be times where you will notice one of your pool tiles has broken. This happens, no matter how well you keep up with pool maintenance and protection. It could happen from simple heating and cooling under the sun, or it may have just been a weak tile. No matter why it broke, you need it fixed. You never want to leave broken pool tiles alone, as that can lead to pool leaks. It is important that you get the problem fixed immediately.

The first thing you need to do is call in a professional with experience in replacing broken pool tiles. They will have to drain down the pool in most circumstances. This will allow them to take out the old tile, put in the new tile, and let it set before putting the pressure of water on it. If you do not have the right people come in, your installation may not go quite as smoothly as you would hope.

Next, you leave the repairs up to the people who have done them before. They will look at the pool tiles that are broken. Plus, they will look around your pool to ensure that other tiles are not in the same boat, or about to break, too. Make sure that you take note of where you saw the broken tile, and if you noticed any that are not in good shape. Since the water is lower than usual, you may as well have them all checked at the same time. Once your broken pool tiles are replaced, you will have to wait a little bit before adding in more water. Once the cement has set beneath the new pool tiles, you can then add more water, and get the levels safe to use.

When You Need Help Restoring Your Pool Tiles, It Is Important to Get Professional Help

Not all tiles can simply be swapped out if one breaks. Some of them need to be removed very carefully, while others need to be resurfaced. It is important that you know how to repair your pool tiles the right way. If you try and repair your tiles improperly, you could damage your pool, and cause it to begin leaking. Instead of taking a chance that your pool could begin to leak, call in the pros to help.

For help restoring your pool tiles, call the experts here at Clear Choice Pool Care & Maintenance. We can be contacted by dialing (214) 995-3556. Let us know what you need done with your pool tiles, and we will let you know how we can help!