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Pool Decking Considerations to Make for Your Backyard

The type of pool decking you have around your pool is very important. Not only does it look great, but it is also a safety feature. How you decorate your pool says a lot about how you plan to use your pool. A blank pool is much less likely to be used and enjoyed over a nicely decorated pool with plenty of furniture and a nice deck around it. If you want to make sure that you get as much out of your pool as possible, make sure you consider the deck. It may not seem like a huge decision when you first put up your pool, but it is something you will enjoy.

Common Materials for Pool Decking

There are lots of different materials that you can use for your pool decking. You need to think about how it will match your home, neighborhood, and your pool. Wood is a common material for pool decking because it is easy to build with and easy to finish. When you opt for wood, you can change the color of your deck as often as you feel like pressure washing off the old color.

Concrete is also a great option for pool decking. It is naturally resistant to slips. Plus, it can be any color you want it to be. It also works well as a basis for other materials, since you can set stones, tiles, and pavers into the concrete when it is poured. If you want to have a myriad of different materials, concrete is likely the best base around.

Rocks and stones are great for around a pool. They are able to withstand a lot of weather, and they do not degrade easily under the heat of the sun. Many different stones are also resistant to slipping, making them great for around a pool. This helps your guests remain safe when you entertain around the pool. Plus, most stones are also available in tiles, making them nearly flat. So, you get the great look of stone and the benefits of not slipping, all in an easy to install form.

Styles of Pool Decking to Consider

The style of pool decking you go with has to work with a few different aspects of your backyard. Plus, you also need to consider local codes. It is important that you have a deck that is safe for you and your guests, but also structurally sound. Most people have pool decking that surrounds the entire pool. This is great, especially for an above-ground pool. However, you do not need to surround the entire pool. What you need to do is have a deck that goes up to the ladder, and keeps those without permission to get into the pool, out.

Finishing Off Your Pool Decking

Each material that you choose to use for your pool decking can be finished off slightly differently. Concrete and wood have the widest options for finishes. You can stain them with a light color, or you can completely paint them for a deep, rich color. You can use them by themselves, or you can easily combine them with other materials for a unique look. The ultimate finish is yours to decide on.

Just make sure you consider how the finish is going to wear. Your pool decking is going to be out under the sun. If you have shaded areas of your deck, those areas will wear differently, creating different finishes around your pool. Make sure that this is thought about prior to deciding on what color finish you want to go with. Different colors and finishes will wear under the heat of the sun and the beating from chlorine better than others.

Considerations to Make When Deciding on Pool Decking

Aside from the materials, style, and finish of your pool decking, you also need to consider your home, yard, and how the deck will be used. You want a deck that works with your home. If your home is uneven, then you need to decide if you want the deck to come close to the house or touch it. If your yard has a pitch, then your deck needs to be created in a way that allows for the slope. Plus, if your yard shifts with the weather, your deck may need to be adjusted down the line.

You also need to consider how your deck will be used. If you have children who will be running around your pool decking, that is going to factor into the materials used. It should also factor into the shape and size of the deck you go with. If the only thing you plan to do is sunbathe and get in and out of the pool on your deck, this will change the size you go with. For those who plan to regularly entertain on their pool decking, then you may want to make extra considerations. Include things like a bar, umbrellas, or even an outdoor fridge for you and your guests’ convenience.

Let Us Help You Install the Right Pool Decking for Your Pool

When you have questions about what pool decking is right for you, it is important to ask experienced professionals. They know what to look for, and what to avoid. The more you discuss what options you have, the more likely you are to get the type of pool decking that makes you happy. Contact the experienced pros here at Clear Choice Pool Care & Maintenance today, and let us help you get the perfect pool deck for your needs. We will help you with everything from designing the right deck for your pool, to installation and finishing of your pool deck.

When you have questions about how to care for or maintain your pool, contact us here at Clear Choice Pool Care & Maintenance. We can be reached by dialing (214) 995-3556. Let us know what it is you have in mind, and we will help you create the pool decking to match.