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Winter Pool Care Tips from Clear Choice Pool Service

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Winter pool care tips from Clear Choice Pool Service can help you save your pool from damage and stress. It’s that time of year again to close your pool for winter, and Clear Choice Pool Service has all the tips you need to get it done right.  One of the biggest aspects of owning a pool is to get it ready to be closed down during the cooler months of the year. Proper pool care & maintenance are important to help your pool last.

Winter Pool Care Tips – Closing Your Pool for Winter

In general, its time to close down your pool once the temperatures hits closer to 65-70 during the day, and around 40 degrees at night.  Closing a pool too early can lead to an overgrowth of algae during the winter, while doing it too late may lead to freezing of your pool liner or equipment and the over-collection of leaves and other debris.  That can all lead to a big mess, so follow our helpful advice for a smooth pool closing.

The first step when closing your pool for the winter is to make sure the water is completely clean.  Every inch of the pool has to be vacuumed completely, and the pool chemicals have to be adjusted accordingly.  Many pool stores sell special winterizing kits just for this purpose, which is an easy way to get the job done fast.

Don’t Drain that Pool

A big mistake that many pool owners make is to completely drain the pool for the winter, but this can actually lead to problems with cracking and major damage to the interior of your pool.  When lowering the water level, consult the instructions on your pool cover to determine how low it should be.

Once your pool has been properly cleaned, remove the pump, motor and all other electrical pieces and make sure they are fully drained and dry before storing them in a safe place for winter.  Also, drain your filters and water lines to ensure they are empty.  Finally, attach a pool cover that is designed to winter use securely to your pool following the manufacturers instructions.

This will keep the elements out of your water, and will also help to protect the interior of your pool all winter long.  By following these easy steps and taking care to protect your pool, you’ll be ready to go next year when it’s time to start swimming again.

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