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My Swimming Pool Has a Leak. Now What?

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Image of a pool with blue water and nice concrete all around the edges. You've just found out that your inground pool is leaking, and you don't know what to do next. Trying to fix it yourself can be overwhelming and confusing, and you don't have the expertise or the time for it. Leaks in your inground pool can cause major damage if not taken care of immediately. Not only will your water bill increase, but you could also end up with expensive repairs if you don't take care of the issue right away. Let Clear Choice Pool Care and Maintenance take care of your leaking inground pool. Our experienced technicians provide fast and reliable services that will help you detect where the leak is coming from, stop it, repair the damage done, and finally get your pool back in top condition.

Each year, unrepaired swimming pool leaks cause Texas homeowners to waste their time, money, and water while their homes may be sustaining damages. If you’ve noticed a significant increase in your water bill or standing pools of water collecting in your yard, your pool might have a leak. If your pool has a leak, Clear Choice Pool Care can assess the situation and repair your pool.

How Do I Know My Pool Is Leaking?

Dealing with swimming pool leaks yourself can be quite frustrating. Sometimes, leaks are obvious and easily spotted, but other times, they may build up slowly over time.

In general, if you are adding more than a quarter inch of water per day or more than two inches of water per week to your swimming pool, you may have a pool leak. Some additional signs you can look for include:

  • algae growth in your pool
  • changes in your pool’s water level
  • corroding pipes
  • cracks in your pool’s surface or deck
  • cracked, loose, or shifting pool tiles
  • standing water underneath pool equipment
  • unusually high water bills
  • wet spots or standing puddles in your yard

Common Causes of Swimming Pool Leaks

Several different issues can cause swimming pool leaks. If your swimming pool and pool equipment are not properly maintained, pool leaks will be inevitable. The most common causes of pool leaks are structural damage, mechanical problems, plumbing issues, broken pipes, and loose or broken fittings.

Areas Where Most Pool Leaks Occur

Pool leaks can occur in several areas, and some, like underground plumbing systems, aren’t visible. Swimming pool leaks happen more frequently in the following places:

Swimming Pool Liners

Swimming pool liners cover the shell of your pool and form a protective surface over your pool’s wall and floor structure. The main function of a pool liner is to keep water in your swimming pool. The lifespan of a swimming pool liner is eight to twenty years. The longevity of your pool liner is based on your swimming pool maintenance routine and pool use. When your pool liner is not properly maintained or cared for, it will wear out sooner, be less durable, and be more prone to leaking.

Pool Filters and Pool Pumps

Pool filters and pumps are necessary pieces of equipment that keep your pool clean and safe. Your pool filter and pump need regular cleaning and maintenance to avoid damage. A damaged filter or a pump that no longer runs properly can lead to pool leaks or create issues that can potentially lead to pool leaks when ignored.

Structural Leaks or Cracks

Your pool’s structure can crack as a result of concrete movement that can stretch the surface of your pool. Cracks in your pool’s structure should be addressed immediately. When structural cracks are left unrepaired, the cracks continue to grow. Eventually, the water passing through the cracks erodes the soil, compromising the safety and structure of your pool.

Pool tile that is chipped, cracked, or broken might be a sign of normal wear and tear, but it could also indicate a bigger problem like a swimming pool leak. A professional can evaluate your pool tile to determine if it is a cosmetic problem or a structural problem.

Repair Options for Swimming Pool Leaks

The three main options for swimming pool repair are patching, resurfacing, and replacement.  There are unique cost-benefit considerations for each repair option that should be carefully weighed before deciding which repair option to choose. A certified professional pool repair technician can help you decide which repair option is best for your swimming pool needs.


Small cracks and structural damage that have caused leaks can be patched. Patching will improve the longevity and aesthetics of your pool.


Resurfacing is completely redoing your swimming pool’s interior. Resurfacing can include refinishing walls and replacing tile.


Replacement is the most extreme and expensive pool leak repair option. Typically, this option involves tearing out your existing swimming pool to that a brand-new swimming pool can be built.

How Much Will It Cost to Repair My Pool Leak?

The cost of your swimming pool repair depends on the extent of the damage and the pool leak repair option you choose. A pool repair specialist can inform you about the different swimming pool repair options and service prices so that you can make an informed decision that gives you the best value for your money.

Professional Swimming Pool Leak Repair

The longer a pool leak goes unrepaired, the more damage your swimming pool and the surrounding areas will sustain. If you suspect you might have a pool leak, our professionally trained and licensed swimming pool technicians can help.

Call Clear Choice Pool Care today at 469-451-0222 or contact us online for a free estimate and consultation for your pool leak or repair needs.

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