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Why Routine Pool Service by Clear Choice is So Important

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No one likes what a dirty pool looks like, but did you ever consider that it may be dangerous to swim in?  Cloudy water, overgrown algae and otherwise murky conditions in your pool can quickly result due to inadequate cleaning, an inefficient or broken pump mechanism, or an imbalance of chemicals.  Before you know it, your refreshing oasis could turn into a toxic health disaster waiting to happen.

In water that is properly maintained with a pool service by Clear Choice, harmful bacteria is kept at bay thanks to chlorine and other chemicals, and the pH of the water is kept at a pleasant level.  Without these factors, bacteria can breed out of control and the water can cause rashes or even burn the skin.  Infections from widespread bacteria can be quite unpleasant and even deadly in some cases.  To prevent health problems that can result from an unclean pool, it’s important to hire a pool service in Highland Village.

Pools that are especially dirty shouldn’t be used until they have been throughly cleaned by a professional.  Once clean, the pool should be filled with fresh water and treated with the correct chemical formula, while also being heated by the internal water heater.  This process should be monitored by the pool service team, to ensure that all electrical elements of the pool are working correctly, including the filters, heater and water valves.  Any faulty mechanisms should be fixed as soon as possible, to prevent them from getting worse and causing harm to the pool.

Once a pool has been revived, keep it clean with regular maintenance from a pool service company that you trust.  Most companies will let you select the day and time that you prefer for a routine appointment.  Customers can select how often to have a visit and be automatically billed for the services that they receive, making it easy to properly maintain and care for a pool.  Don’t forget that your pool is a part of your home.  By taking care of it, you’ll be getting the maximum added benefit to your property value, and will be able to enjoy it for years to come.

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