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Choosing a Swimming Pool Maintenance Company

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When it comes to finding a swimming pool maintenance company, there is a wide variety out there, from local operations to nationwide companies, it can be difficult to determine which one best suits your needs.

Smaller Pool Maintenance Companies vs. Nationwide Companies

A national swimming pool maintenance company may be able to offer discounted rates because they are large and can afford it, whereas a smaller company may not. But, national companies may also have high turnover rates which could result in poorly trained technicians. Pool technicians wear the hats of chemists, engineers and plumbers. It’s rare that you’ll find all of those qualities in a new employee at a national pool company compared with a seasoned professional at a smaller company.

When choosing a smaller company, you will likely develop a working relationship with a technician. It is also very likely that the same person will be sent out to your home repeatedly. This means he or she is familiar with your swimming pool. At Clear Choice Pool Care Maintenance, we pride ourselves on having a full staff of fully trained and licensed professionals that will get to know you and your pool needs. When choosing a smaller company, be aware of how many technicians are available at any given time. More technicians means that you won’t have to wait long for service.

Things to Consider when Choosing a Company

Whether you decide on a smaller, local swimming pool maintenance company or a nationwide chain, don’t just dive in and sign a contract. There are several things you should consider.

Decide what type of service you want. Swimming pool maintenance companies can do as much work as you’d like or as little as you’d like. It’s important to determine what types of services you want. Do you want someone to just skim the water every now and again and clean up? Do you want the water to be tested and chemicals added as needed? Also, do you need them to take care of opening and closing your pool? These are all things you need to decide before you choose a maintenance company. Never assume certain things will be addressed if you don’t ask.

Go over service plan & maintenance schedule. There’s nothing more disappointing then thinking something is covered when it fact it isn’t. Find out exactly what a standard maintenance plan includes. Different companies will offer different services. Make sure the company follows the schedule you agreed upon. If you’re not home when the technician comes, ask that a ticket is left to detail the date and time so you can keep a record. Also ask that the chemicals used are listed.

Other Important Factors

Ask about the kinds of parts they use. If replacement parts are needed, find out exactly which ones and where the technician will be getting them. Be sure they are only new parts.

Keep tabs on chemicals and prices. Ask your technician the specific names of the chemicals used in your pool as well as where they will come from. Be sure to get a detailed price list so that you can compare them with prices online. A small markup is to be expected, but if there is a drastic difference, ask the technician the reasoning behind it.

Ask for references. A pool is a big investment; one that you don’t want just anyone to take care of. Ask for references of current customers so you contact them and find out about their experiences. Also, do some research online to check out reviews. If the online reviews match up with what customers are telling you, it is a good indication of where the company stands whether it’s positive or negative.

Shop around. Don’t sign a contract with the first pool company you find. Do your homework and compare similar maintenance contracts to find the best deal.

Why should I hire a swimming pool maintenance company?

In a world of DIY projects, many people may ask why they even need a pool maintenance company in the first place. Here are just a couple of reasons:

Saves you time. Pool maintenance is time consuming. With everything else on your plate, why add pool maintenance to it? By having someone else do it, you can free up your time to do other things.

Scheduled Maintenance. How many times do you say you’re going to do something today only to not get to it for another two weeks? While that may fly with some tasks, it won’t when it comes to taking care of your pool. Neglecting basic maintenance can result in larger, more expensive problems. Having a company on top of it all gives you peace of mind that everything will be taken care of on time.

Save on tools. Instead of going out and investing in tools or pool cleaning gadgets you won’t use all the time, hire a pool maintenance company to do the work. Sure you’ll be paying them to, but you will be saving on buying equipment you’re unlikely to use that frequently and you won’t have to worry about finding the room to store it.

If you’re looking for a swimming pool maintenance company you can trust, look no further than Clear Choice Pool Care & Maintenance. For the past 14 years, we have proudly served Argyle, Carrollton, Coppell, Corinth, Double Oak, Flower Mound, Highland Village, Lake Dallas, Lantana, Lewisville, Plano, McKinney and Frisco and continue to do so today.

Call Clear Choice Pool Care & Maintenance today at (214) 995-3556 to talk about your swimming pool maintenance.  Meet with us about your needs so that we can make taking care of your pool our business.

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