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Pool Pump Repair and Replacement

Our expert team can help repair or replace any filter pump, waterfall pump or booster pump.

The most common issues with pumps are as follows:

  • Pump not turning on
  • Pump making a strange or loud noise
  • Pump Leaking
  • Pump not circulating water correctly or unable to fully prime
The importance of keeping your pumps in proper working condition can not be understated. The main filter pump is responsible for circulating water through your filter to keep your pool clean and clear. If your pump isn’t running correctly, your pool may become cloudy and green.


Factory Trained & Licensed Technicians

Our repair technicians are factory trained and fully licensed to repair or replace any part of your pool’s equipment. We continually educate ourselves on the latest industry technology, repair methodology and safety to ensure our customers receive the highest quality service and recommendations possible. We are more than happy to repair old equipment when we believe it to be more financially sound than replacing. If the cost of repair, or the condition of the old equipment necessitates replacement, we will advise you accordingly and let you decide whether you would like to repair or replace.

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