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Pool Repair for Common Problems During Winter in Texas

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Image of Winter Swimming Pool Repairs. Winter in Texas can be tough on your pool. From freezing temperatures to unpredictable weather conditions, it's common to encounter various problems that affect the functionality and appearance of your pool. Dealing with pool problems during winter can be frustrating and time-consuming. From leaks and cracks to equipment malfunctions, these issues not only disrupt your pool enjoyment but also require costly repairs. Introducing Clear Choice Pool Care, your go-to solution for all pool repair needs during the winter season. Our team of experienced professionals specializes in identifying and fixing common problems that arise during this challenging time. With Clear Choice Pool Care, you can say goodbye to leaky pipes, damaged equipment, and other winter-related pool issues. We offer timely and efficient repairs that ensure your pool is back in top-notch condition without breaking the bank. Don't let winter ruin your pool experience. Trust Clear Choice Pool Care to handle all your pool repair needs with expertise and dedication. Enjoy a worry-free winter season knowing your pool is in safe hands.

We’ve all been there; its mid-January and suddenly there is a storm advisory that we worry could be more damaging than the weather officials think. No matter how well protected, or how many precautions we have taken for the season sometimes damage is unavoidable, and your pool will need repair. The professionals at Clear Choice Pool Care and Maintenance are a call away at 214-995-3556 and can assist with all pool repair needs.

Regardless of whether you have selected to close your pool for the season or leave it open and completed all recommended maintenance certain problems can arise during the Winter months. Clear Choice Pool Care and Maintenance don’t stop working when your pool closes, we are here to help when you find yourself in need of pool repair any time of the year.

Winter Pool Problems & Prevention

Let’s start by discussing prevention techniques for keeping a healthy and well-maintained pool. Like just about anything in life the efforts of prevention pay off in the long run vs triaging a problem when it emerges.

  • Clean and Chlorine. Even if your pool is closed monitoring the water for the build up of algae and bacteria. It is true that the cold weather does inhibit the growth of these things, but continued upkeep of your chlorine levels regardless of the time of year will make for a smoother transition into the warmer months. Clean, ALWAYS keep your pool free of debris. Closing a pool with dirt, debris, or pool items in the water can present a real hazard for the health of your pool over the dormant season.
  • pH Levels during the winter months can wreak havoc on your pool when left unmonitored. The consequences long term to having unbalanced water in your pool include corrosion and can make your water dirty enough that when you go to open your pool in the summer it could need fully drained and refilled instead of just shocked and treated.
  • Maintain pool equipment over winter. This is where repairs can become really expensive, especially when they were preventable. Check your pump, heater, and filter from time to time throughout the winter months to make sure things are running as they should. If you inspect your equipment and discover a problem, it is better to address the problem and fix it during winter than waiting over the chilly months to take care of things.

Other Common Winter Pool Problems

  • The most feared problem that can occur is physical damage to the structure of the pool, a crack in the pool, or a crack in the liner of an above ground pool. If you have not closed your pool or did not complete the process thoroughly a frozen weekend could become a big expense and hassle. There are some winterizing pool chemical combinations that will decrease the likelihood that your water could freeze and cause damage.
  • Algae and Bacteria. You will need to add an algaecide to the pool water before closing your pool for the winter; and even if you leave it open for the winter. In fact, an unmanageable algae infestation in the pool is a costly and time intensive pool repair that we commonly see in the spring when individuals have not monitored and treated their water over the winter months. Just because it is cold enough to freeze does not mean that bacteria will not thrive and grow in the pool. A small amount of oversight in this area can truly head off some significant problems.
  • Look for unexpected projectiles, limbs, and other debris that could turn into a costly impact item during a winter storm. It is recommended to prune trees back that may overhang and clear the area around the storm of kid’s toys or heavier items that could be blown by the wind into/onto the pool. Damaging the liner or the pool cover, creating potentially other damages to the pool or equipment when left unnoticed.

Avoid damage to the Equipment and Pool: The benefits of a pool service

Finally, we want to advise that you monitor, monitor, monitor your pool of the winter months. Checking in on your pool every week or other week to make certain that things are tucked away and maintained as they should be. Clear Choice Pool Care and Maintenance is also here to provide services that can make your life easier. Unsure whether you have closed your pool correctly or deciding to keep it open over the winter months give us a call and schedule some regular maintenance intervals.

Questions about something you notice that has happened with the pool despite all best efforts? Call in during the winter months so we can get ahead of the issue and complete any pool repairs before you will want to enjoy your pool for the summer months. At Clear Choice Pool Care and Maintenance, we take great pride in offering knowledgeable support and cutting edge pool maintenance techniques to keep your pool running and operating at the highest, most efficient level possible. A pool is meant to be enjoyed for years and years, we are here to make sure that investment is kept in top shape.

Here for all pool repair and service needs; call Clear Choice Pool Care and Maintenance 214-995-3556

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