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Image of A man frustrated because he is having issues with his pool cleaner. Dealing with pool maintenance can be a real headache, especially when your pool cleaner is constantly causing issues. It's frustrating to invest time and money into a product that doesn't deliver on its promises. Imagine the frustration of having a dirty pool despite having a pool cleaner. It's not just about an unclean pool, but also the wasted time spent troubleshooting and fixing the constant issues with your current pool cleaner. Say goodbye to pool cleaning problems with Clear Choice Pool Care. Our advanced pool cleaning system is designed to tackle all your pool maintenance woes. With cutting-edge technology and superior performance, our pool cleaner ensures crystal clear water without any hassle or headaches. Enjoy a sparkling clean pool effortlessly, while saving time and energy with Clear Choice Pool Care.

Buying a pool cleaner is supposed to reduce the amount of work you have to do. But, when the pool cleaner starts to malfunction, it can create more work to do. No matter what type of pool cleaner you have, there will come a time when it may not work. Knowing how to troubleshoot it, can help you get it up and running and get your pool clean. But, there are many times when the problem needs to be fixed by a professional.

Types of Pool Cleaners

There are suction cleaners, pressure cleaners, and robotic cleaners. Suction cleaners connect to the suction line like the wall skimmer that is sucking water into the filter pump. Pressure cleaners are powered by water being pushed to the cleaner. Robotic cleaners work on their own and are independent of the pump. They have their own power and don’t rely on your filter pump.

Issues with Suction Pool Cleaners

If you have a suction pool cleaner, there are several things to check to try to get it up and running. If your suction pool cleaner is not working at all, you should first check the cleaner hose. See if it’s firmly attached to the suction line in the skimmer. If that seems to be okay, check the hose sections to make sure there are no leaks.

When your suction pool cleaner is too slow, it may be congested or there may be a clog at the intake hole at the bottom of your pool cleaner. You can clean this by flipping the cleaner over and looking down into the intake hole.

Once this is done, clean your skimmer basket, pump basket, and pool filter. Any leaves, rocks, or debris will reduce the pump’s water flow which can slow down your pool cleaner. This is just one of the issues you may have with your pool cleaner.

When your suction pool cleaner is too fast, check to see if you control the flow. If your pump is especially powerful, it will cause the cleaner to move faster than usual.

If the problem lies with the suction cleaner not covering the entire pool, just check the hose length. It needs to be long enough to reach all pool areas. If it’s not, get a bigger one.

If, after checking all of these things, your pool cleaner still doesn’t work, it’s time to call the professionals at Clear Choice Pool Care & Maintenance. We can assess your problem and get your pool cleaner working again.

Issues with Pressure Cleaners

If you have a pressure cleaner, remember that it needs to have about 30 psi to operate. If it doesn’t, it won’t move. The booster pump needs to be working and the filter pump should also be running. Also, check to see that the inline strainer is clean if your pressure cleaner isn’t moving.

Rocks or sand can also get stuck in the wheels, preventing it from moving. If you’ve checked all of these and it’s still not moving, look at the belt, shaft, or chain.

If the issue with your pool cleaner is that it’s too slow, check to see if the inline strainer has debris that may be slowing the water flow. Also, check that there is even water pressure to the hose. You’ll also want to make sure that the filter screens are also clean and water is flowing properly.

Issues with Robotic Pool Cleaners

Robotic pool cleaners need energy to operate. They don’t rely on your pump’s suction or pressure to work. If your robotic pool cleaner isn’t working, ensure that the cord is firmly plugged in. Is the power light on? If so, then the machine is getting power is getting and the problem lies within the machine itself. If there is no power, then there could be a short in the wire or problem with the power supply. Any power supply problems should be reviewed by an electrician.

If the cord is intact and your cleaner is not working, there could be a problem with the drive motor. You would need to contact a professional, like those at Clear Choice Pool Care & Maintenance to look at your robotic cleaner to determine the issue.

If your pool cleaner is working, but it’s too slow, you could have loose drive tracks, loose drive belts, or missing parts that are needed to keep tension on the belts and tracks. Check the belts and pulleys to see if they are in the right position. You can also look to see that the wheels are in proper alignment.

When your robotic cleaner gets stuck, it may just be an issue that the floor surface is not smooth. It may be getting stuck on high spots. Some newer models have adjustments that can raise the cleaner, but this may cause the cleaner to not vacuum as well.

If your pool cleaner is moving around normally, but not picking up debris, try emptying the debris bag or basket. This should help. But, when your pool cleaner issue lies with the cleaner not climbing the walls, there’s likely a problem with the cleaning patter or cleaner speed. Make adjustments to the cleaner patterns to see if that provides better results.

Contact Clear Choice Pool Care & Maintenance for Issues with Your Pool Cleaner

When you have issues with your pool cleaner machine and have tried to troubleshoot it as much as you can and it still won’t work, it’s time to call the experts at Clear Choice Pool Care & Maintenance. We know that pool cleaner machines can malfunction and often need new parts. Many times it can be difficult to diagnose the problem yourself. You need a professional technician to carefully inspect your machine and advise you how it can be fixed or if you need a new one.

Call us at 214-995-3556 to schedule an appointment for us to come out and look at your pool cleaner. We will test it out to see what the problem is and let you know how it can be fixed.

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