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Heat Pumps & Water Filters: When to Call for Coppell Pool Repair

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There’s nothing worse than a broken pool heat pump or water filter problem to stop your fun in the pool.  Before you know it, what may have started out as a small issue can quickly become something much worse.  If you don’t make the right repairs for your pool or take too long to make them, you  could easily end up harming your pool or equipment.  Knowing when to call for help with a Coppell pool repair company is the best way to protect your pool.

While it’s possible to troubleshoot many of the problems associated with heat pumps and water filters, the actually fix is usually something that should be handled by a pool professional.  To determine if you need to contact a pool repairperson, first check that your thermostat is on and that it’s set to the correct temperature.  Next, try turning on the fan and seeing if it starts up as expected.  If it doesn’t, inspect the fuses and breakers to the furnace and look for signs that something has become disconnected or broken.  Finally, look for the emergency heat setting and turn it on.  If the unit starts up and no hot air comes out, then there is likely a problem with the thermostat or air system.  Getting hot air?  Then your unit probably needs to be replaced or professionally repaired.

It isn’t easy to diagnose these and other types of electrical problems, but a qualified pool repair company has just the tools and know-how to get the job done right.  Don’t put yourself at risk for electrical shocks or damage to your pool – let the pros handle the big stuff and protect the most expensive pieces of pool equipment that you have.

Keep in mind that attempting repairs on a heater or pool pump may actually void the manufacturers warranty, so be cautious before making repairs yourself or contact pool expert from the start.  It’s the best way to protect your pool equipment for the life of your pool.

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