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Getting Your Pool Ready for Summer: A Helpful Checklist

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As the warm summer weather quickly approaches, it’s time to start putting together your home repair projects and spring cleaning checklist.  This is the perfect time of year to schedule an annual inspection of your pool by a professional company who specializes in pool service in Flower Mound.  Pool service and maintenance specialists can clean, protect and evaluate the overall condition of your pool just in time for summer.  Once the warm weather hits, your pool will be ready and waiting for you to jump in and cool off, without having to worry about what is inside.

Typical pool service in Lewisville includes an inspection for any cracks or leaks, a thorough cleaning and a careful balancing of chemicals, and repair of any problems that are found.  Pool maintenance experts can remove algae that may be growing on the sides and bottom of the pool, and can also check the chemical levels to ensure that they are safe and aren’t allowing bacteria to grow.  This is an essential service that must be done correctly to keep the water safe for your family.

During a pool inspection, the technician also cleans all of the filters and pumps and replaces any filters that are worn out or damaged.  Filters and pumps that aren’t working properly can lead to problems down the road.  It may become impossible to maintain clean water or a proper water temperature if any parts become broken down or worn out due to age.

Your pool expert knows how to keep water safe and free from bacteria by adding the proper combination of chemicals, including chlorine.  While pool owners can control the chemicals themselves in between cleanings and maintenance visits, it’s important to have them evaluated by an expert at least once a year.

Get your pool inspection out of the way before the weather really starts to heat up.  Add your family’s pool to your list of spring cleaning projects and contact your local pool maintenance specialists.  Once their work is complete, your pool will be ready for enjoyment from now through the hot summer months.

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